July 15th, 2017



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The Great Chickasawhay Race is a 22.3  nautical mile +/-  canoe/kayak/SUP event  that starts at the boat ramp in Shubuta, MS and ends at the Highway 84 boat ramp in Waynesboro, MS.  Our race theme is “Red, White and Canoe“, so competitors and participants are encouraged to dress patriotically and also decorate their boats!   A portion of proceeds raised will go to benefit conservation efforts on the Chickasawhay River such as river cleanups!

Friends of the Chickasawhay is an American Canoe Association Paddle America Club.  Our race rules and regulations will closely follow the guidelines and standards of the American Canoe Association: www.americancanoe.org

All canoes, kayaks, SUPs and “paddle-powered” craft of different varieties are welcome to compete in the race for prizes!

Please check out our “Becoming a Sponsor” page to see how you can help the Friends of the Chickasawhay.  Also, check the “FAQ” page to see if any of your questions can be answered there.  Pre-registration is highly, highly encouraged!  Prices and dates for registration are included on our “Registration”  page.

See you on the River!

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  1. very good web site. So happy that you and others are doing something to publize our great river that runs across Wayne County. I also think that these efforts may have some positive economic benefit for our Wayne County and Waynesboro , Mississippi .

  2. I would absolutely love to do this paddle. But I just found out about it today — and I live way down here in New Orleans. Hopefully next year I can join y’all !

    1. Hi Linda, Sorry that you just now found out about the race, but I’m glad that you’re planning to join us next year!!! We will keep this website up to date as much as we can. Also, you can find us on Facebook at “Friends of the Chickasawhay” or “The Great Chickasawhay Canoe/Kayak Conservation Race” Thanks!

    2. I am just finding about this place. I may go there for a paddle. Before race. I live on north shore. St. Tammany parish. U think u would like to go. Woody

    1. Hi Linda!

      Sorry for the late reply. We are set for Saturday, June 25th this year! Check back here for future updates. Currently updating the website. Also you can check us out at our Facebook Page “The Great Chickasawhay Race 2016” All the best, Drew

  3. The 2015 paddle on the “Chick” was fantastic even for a first year event. I’m adding the 2016 to my calendar right now. It was a fun, low key paddle down a very scenic river that few outside the immediate area even know about. The 5 mile run in the fern covered cliffs near the end made me think I was in Jurassic Park. This is a must do paddle even at a leisurely pace.
    See you in June and I will talk it up on the Coast. Hank ,
    Gulfport MS

  4. could this stream be good for an over night canoe trip? If so, any information would be appreciated. Thanks
    Metairie, La.

    1. Hi,

      The Chickasawhay River is great for an overnight canoe trip during the summer. Sandbars are plentiful on the river from Shubuta southward.

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